Happy little scraps

After a mild autumn/winter our temperatures have dropped dramatically; we woke up to -26C this morning! I always get confused when I try to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, so I will guess nothing but say this is REALLY cold, and it seems this continues for a few days at least. We have little snow to make everything white&pretty, so looking out of the window it all seems quite winter wonderland-ish. But to actually go outside it is an another thing. I almost got my fingers frostbitten earlier today, when I went to get some pictures of my new cozies...

These happy little pouches were born from the inspiration of this post from Teje! She discovered a bunch of fabric scraps and instead of throwing them away, she is happily creating a quilt with them! Her lovely blog just moved, so she can now be found here, please go and say hi! But back to scraps: I took a look of my woolen stash, maybe, just maybe I would have some happy scraps there too...

... alright, how about any smaller?

Some (read: a whole basket), definitely some.. Okay, what to do with those then... Maybe to knit something... but do I just always knit? How about crocheting then? Buahahahah say you, who know me from longer time, my crocheting skills are non-existing really. But how about if I just went free as a bird-method, meaning I pick up a hook and tiny woolen ball and...

Some happy flower-ish creations! And after some felting you could almost say they look like flowers!

And after a while I just could not resist some knitting too, and a pouch after a pouch was born. All from those yarn ends, so colorful was the name after the game. After a little felting this bunch was ready!

And how about those two scraps-creations put together? We have a happy scraps-pouch! Here's one in blue...

... and an another in shades of green...

... and then some violet, pink and orange too:

 Happy, happy, happy! And definitely to be continued...

Lovely Wednesday to you too!



Teje said...

Ooh Mia I'm happy you picked your little yarns because they became most happy, happy flowers and pouches! These are all so adorable with the little birdies holding the flowers! You really need now your gorgeus felted mittens! We have had very changing weather. Before yesterday +25C and today +14C but freezing cold north win and hard rain. I hope you don't need to go much out and you can have fun with the colourful scraps!Thank you for the link! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Thank you so much for the inspiration! I have always thought that fabric scraps need to be saved for "some day", but with very little yarn is needed to a little flower too so all ends can be used!

It is todella kylymä :) here today, and I am waiting spring days so... Wishing you lovely January!


Mel Makes said...

They are so cute, I love them.

Mia said...

Thanks, Mel,

Lovely comment! Bright and happy New Year to you!


Teje said...

Hei Mia! Olin vastaamassa kommenttiisi mutta tokkasin johonkin nappaimeen ja se poistui kokonaan, anteeksi. En tieda lukeeko kukaan vanhoja kommentteja mutta jos, niin en todellakaan poistanut sita tarkoituksella. Voisitpa tulla kahville, tein just suomalaista kaaretorttua: vadelmahilloa ja kermavaahtoa! x Teje

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What do you mean your crochet skills are non-existent?? They are obviously not, your little flowers are wonderful!! In fact it's all wonderful all made from little bits and pieces and proof (as if we needed it)that no yarn must ever be thrown away!!!
Keep warm my friend, 'REALLY cold' does it for me, I know exactly what you mean.
V xxx

Jane said...

What lovely colours and pouches Mia, so cheerful. Wow -23c is REALLY cold...goodness me the UK would grind to a halt at that temperature. Keep snug my friend xx

Anne Toprak said...

Hello Mia, Your pouch photo is one of the first things I saw this morning on IG!! Super for cold days.... It is still mild here. Hope Mr. Sun will get busy in Suomi!!

You have a very good start on crochet--- better than my flowers. 0-:

Happy creative and colorful January to you, Mia!!

Anne and crew xxx

Mia said...

Heipsan Teje!

Kunpa voisinkin tulla kahville, olisi ihanaa... Voih,täällä on taas se -26C eikä kääretorttua missään ;) Mutta tärkeimpänä siis: ei haittaa kommentin katoaminen, näitä sattuu! Ihanaa perjantaita sinulle!

Terkuin Mia

Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

Thank you! I know I can create some...things ;) with my crocheting hook, but I do not understand anything about the patterns or different... what they are called... terms like chain or double chain or treble...I just go! Well and I enjoyed it, so no harm done, and some (there are still a few left) of those yarn ends were used too.

It is again -26C here (hrrr...cold!), so enjoying this pretty day inside is my choice. Wishing you a wonderful weekend soon!


Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

I know, this is freezing! We here have used to these sort of temperatures, but lately is has been so mild that this almost hurts... Well logs into fore place, woolen socks and more knitting!

Happy weekend to you soon!


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

I think color therapy is really needed this time of the year! And oh, this should be quite normal here in January, but we have had so mild and even warm that this feels horribly cold :) I am happy to hear that it is not this bad at yours!

Enjoy your January days, happy weekend soon too!


chromatobalomata said...

Oh, what super lovely pouches! So happy colors! I don't have an idea how to make or work with the wool to make felt, but last time when I washed our socks, by accident there were a pair of woolen socks in the washing machine ( 60 degrees) and now they are small even for the doll!! The flowers are so beautiful too! Have a nice weekend! Anneli

Mia said...

Hello Anneli,

Thank you! Your sock-incident is just the way I make my felted things ;) I just start with a little larger items so I will not end up with Rivetland-sized bsgs and pouches only! Colors are needed here as days are quite gloomy still, but thank fully this Saturday morning it only is -14C!

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mia!

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Christmas calendar.

Have a nice day and also
happy new year 2016!

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Happy New Year 2016 to you too!

Mia&Riverland gang

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Dear Mia

Your bright and oh so pretty little pouches are the perfect antidote to today's miserable weather. We, too, had the cold snap and the boys are desperate to see some snow, but alas, the temperature has gone up a bit and it's rain instead. Nice to see some colourful cheer on your blog :)


Mia said...

Hello Beth,

Happy to see you here, and just my thoughts: color, color, color needed! It is freezing cold here, hopefully it would start snowing (for boys!) at yours - and sunshine would be nice in both places!

Happy weekend soon!


Stange and ich said...

what a beautiful blog, let me now pass often.
Sunny greetings

Mia said...

Thank you, Antje,

And please so welcome here! I have been such a slooooow blogger lately, but by the sunshine and spring I tend to get busier - so see you here soon again!


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