Anybody out there still?

Uh-oh, it has been far too long since I last posted. Somehow my days seem to be so full of everything that blogging just... Also the dark&gloomy days we have had do not inspire for picture taking, but not it all has changed - spring is here (today it's still rainy and gray but otherwise), days are longer and sun even shines at the times. So what have you been up to? Still munching those post-easter-y chocks? 

Easter was fun and relaxing here, snowing a bit as usual, but otherwise just great. Slow knitting, reading, and of course that chocolate. Evenings are quite dark still, and flower I got from my Sis for Easter is perfect for those:

This year I also managed to get some Easter decorations done, I made some little felt fabric eggs and sent them all over the world (well last minute as usual, but I think they got to their receivers quite in time), those I think I need to make more later, some even to my shop for next year (I may need to start today, this year Easter got me, and I did not get any special things on my shop shelves!), but before that I would need to find some 100% wool felt fabric in lovely colors, any suggestion, friends?

I also celebrated my birthdays earlier, nothing big as the years were not round (but number is getting BIGGER, yikes), but lovely family time, happy gifts and lot's flowers. Just as I like it! We also traveled to Helsinki, had fantastic time there, saw some happy cats in Cat Cafe Helsinki, shopped some Moomins in Moomin Shop Helsinki, and just laughed and enjoyed it all!

So all in all great start for 2016 - and I wish it'll all get better by the day when summer gets closer! I can't wait to take my crafting studio to our patio and turn it into a happy sweatshop (you know what I mean, we have had two really BAD summers, please fingers&toes crossed it will be happy sweating for three months this year!). And it's only a few weeks away!

Wishing you lovely April days, hope you all get to walk your happy paths in sunshine! See you soon again!


The memory lane

I just received some happy mail, a pretty card from my dear, dear friend Anne, thank you so much! And not only did that handwritten card make me smile wide, it also throw me back to my childhood.

It was the UNICEF-card which I recognized from the style immediately, and looking on the back confirmed it, and that brought back some happy memories. We, me and my sister, used to get puzzles for Christmas, and UNICEF-puzzles to be more precise. Those always came in white box with a really colorful and detailed picture on top. They were not the easiest ones to make, but we loved them. Seeing Anne's card made me remember those happy times, and also got me rushing into my studios storage room and...

That is one of those puzzles! Actually this is not an old one, I got this for Christmas a few years back (the old ones are in my mom's storage), but how could I have forgotten this? It seems that I have opened the plastic bag inside, but the puzzle itself got never made. Not until...

Today! This is just what I needed after this week. We all know (and have) those "color you calm&happy"-coloring books, and there is a time and place for them (I have one too), but I think it is time to give good old puzzles some praise. I can't think of a better way to slow down, leave your mind in peace, and concentrate on finding just the right pieces...

...starting from the edges, always, starting from the edges.

Thank you for this trip down to the memory lane, Anne, and happy&tranquil weekend to you all!


P.S. I was not sure where to link as this was no way a commercial post, but buying the UNICEF cards, puzzles and all the other things you also donate money for a good cause. More about UNICEF's wonderful job can be read here, worth checking out.

Happy little scraps

After a mild autumn/winter our temperatures have dropped dramatically; we woke up to -26C this morning! I always get confused when I try to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, so I will guess nothing but say this is REALLY cold, and it seems this continues for a few days at least. We have little snow to make everything white&pretty, so looking out of the window it all seems quite winter wonderland-ish. But to actually go outside it is an another thing. I almost got my fingers frostbitten earlier today, when I went to get some pictures of my new cozies...

These happy little pouches were born from the inspiration of this post from Teje! She discovered a bunch of fabric scraps and instead of throwing them away, she is happily creating a quilt with them! Her lovely blog just moved, so she can now be found here, please go and say hi! But back to scraps: I took a look of my woolen stash, maybe, just maybe I would have some happy scraps there too...

... alright, how about any smaller?

Some (read: a whole basket), definitely some.. Okay, what to do with those then... Maybe to knit something... but do I just always knit? How about crocheting then? Buahahahah say you, who know me from longer time, my crocheting skills are non-existing really. But how about if I just went free as a bird-method, meaning I pick up a hook and tiny woolen ball and...

Some happy flower-ish creations! And after some felting you could almost say they look like flowers!

And after a while I just could not resist some knitting too, and a pouch after a pouch was born. All from those yarn ends, so colorful was the name after the game. After a little felting this bunch was ready!

And how about those two scraps-creations put together? We have a happy scraps-pouch! Here's one in blue...

... and an another in shades of green...

... and then some violet, pink and orange too:

 Happy, happy, happy! And definitely to be continued...

Lovely Wednesday to you too!


New Year, new...

Happy New Year, dear friends!

I usually have taken a look back to my year around this time, but I think I will leave that for little later. 2015 was a mixed year, in so many levels, that I think I will concentrate on the future. I am so sentimental at times with "what if" and "if only" "maybe I should have" so this time I will say "I so will" instead!

An another thing I am going to do, is to start keeping a "made me happy today" diary. I saw the idea somewhere years ago (thank you so much who ever you were for this!) to write down each day one thing that made you happy. Just one thing. Should not be too difficult, and by the end of the year you should end up with 365 things that made you happy, who could not want to see that? And I firmly believe no matter how bad your day is, there is always one thing to write down. Just one thing!

You could create amazing scrapbook-sort of masterpieces around this idea, but I know myself, and I need something really simple. So I just have my pretty Santa brought (thanks Vivienne for elfing!) pad&most wonderful pen ever (my bil brought this for me from US last autumn, thanks T, if something is me, it's this pen!), and I am going to write the date and my thought down there. Keep it simple always works for me.

Happy New Year 2016, friends, see you often this year!



Hello friends!

Sunny greetings from cold Finland, and with a little imagination you could say we have blue skies here today too!

Today I feel sort of in-between, you know how it is sometimes in these days between Christmas and New Year? Home is all beautifully decorated, and you could just relax and stay in bed late, wander in your new pj's all day within arm length of chocolate box, but... For me these days quite often bring a little blues - old year almost gone, and uncertain feelings for the new. It eases after New Year, when I start making plans for the new year to come, turn a new, fresh page on my wall calendar and start waiting spring. I think the best thing to do for today is to share a few pictures of those wonderful Holidays we just had, and then take a little knitting under a warm duvet and just... mellow if that can be used as verb.


Lovely last days of 2015 to you all, see you soon again!


* I knit the little red cardigan from the pattern "Baby's Lace Cardigan" by Stefanie Japel from the book "Mom&Me Knits", got the book, love it!

December 25th

Someone just told 
under all green and gold
looking close you'll see
sitting inside the tree
someone you know
wearing a festive bow

so please look really close
do you recognize those
happy gray auntie-mouse
and someone new in the house
now I think you can see
Anna and baby-mouse Bree

we've loved meeting you here
friends from further and near
reading stories telling a tale
written in little mouse scale
Riverland we call the place
bringing smile on your face

now I think it's the time
to end this little rhyme
of a happy gray auntie-mouse
and someone new in the house
who else could they be
but Anna and baby-mouse Bree
both now happily waving you 
goodbye but see you soon too! 


December 24th

Merry Christmas, everyone! I can't believe it is the 24th already, the day all the people in Finland and all happy critters in Riverland start celebrating! And that is what we are going to do too, and just take a look at our party-room!

We are all here! And just look what Mia got us for Christmas...

... We got Moomin-mugs!

And Adele opened mail that came all the way from USA too, her and Anabel's sister Alma lives there, and I know she would have wanted to participate, but she has her own big Party to host at Robin's too

She sent some beautiful stitch markers for knitting, we will love to use those, and always think of you when we see them!

And everyone got my Christmas-card too!

Remember the pictures we took? This is what we went for:

I think it's pretty, and everyone loved it too! Oh, now Adele is taking out some presents...

...aren't they just packed like her - did you notice her new diamond-belt&bracelets? And oh my, some more presents are miraculously appearing here and there!

I think it is time us to continue our celebrating, and with you all a

Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And we would love to thank you all reading&commenting, it has been such a wonderful month! And Mia and I also decided, that as there are quite a few of you who still have one window to open in your calendars, we will be back tomorrow again! See you then!